Density + Urban Microclimate: Coupling City Information Modeling

Design is not a linear process and within this context, urban design and urban planning is not the exception. Considering urban design as a layering process where the overall procedure is perceptible and manageable with the help of different tools and enablers, brings an entire innovative perspective to deal with urban problems. Within this complex process, urban design needs much more investigations and analysis in the early stages of design since; urban design deals with city problems which are non-linear complex systems, and the nature of design is to give solutions for long term future. Additionally, in urban design there are many agents who are involved in decision making in different scales and there would not be objective and defensible process of identifying single solution for neighborhood or urban space. However within this complex system, having a meaningful and broad set of information and data could be powerful drive to improve and enhance the understanding of urban environment better and at the same time will give the decision makers the possibility of having high quality planning decisions. This is the evident why researchers and developers are looking for better, more accurate and precise analytical tools for early stages of urban design. One of the main parameters in this context is density, and it plays the main role to keep the balance between environment and built area. There are couple of researches to measure density in urban context and prior to that, coupling with better outdoor spaces with high quality and improved performance, but nowadays having the possibility to access data in different layers in the context of city information modeling enhances the possibility of interconnection between computational design and data flow to expand an interactive design interface where the geometry as urban morphology and calculations of urban indicators both in existing and proposed contexts could possibility bring up performance based and logical solutions.