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Baubotanik Pavilion

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This Master Studio Project involves the design, planning and implementation of a Baubotanik structure, offering students access to the diverse activities involved in living architecture design.

Design – Build – Grow

The studio results in the construction of a pavilion for the Baubotanik kitchen at Neue Kunst am Ried (Baden-Württemberg), a space for artists to exhibit work that engages with the natural world. The Baubotanik kitchen is an already existing arrangement of trees that form a place for visitors to Neue Kunst am Ried to gather, eat, cook, and discuss.







„A ping-pong game between the trees and technical structures“

Shingles should be only partly installed to enable leaves receiving sunlight and they will be added in the future in accordance with tree growth. Under less maintenance, branches can possibly grow both in- and outside of the pavilion.

Group Members

Tutoring and Supervision
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig,
Qiguan Shu M.A.,
Wilfrid Middleton M.Eng

Client and Colaborator
Cornelius Hackenbracht

Design Team
Alessandra Brembati, Baiyu Chen,
Xi Chen, Denise Gordeev,
Peter Grasegger, Marlena Hellmann,
Stella Kampffmeyer, Tsz Ying Ng,
Ke Sun, Tobias Winkler, Zhiqing Zhou

Fabrication Helpers
Nikolas Burger, Xiaohui Chen, Céline
Fournier, Augustin Heinen, Divya Pilla,
Lucie Schindler

Michael Hensel, Verena Vogler

Technische Universität München
Department of Architecture
Design Factory 1:1
Schwere-Reiter-Straße 2h / Halle 29
80636 München

Projektbeteiligte und Sponsoren

Ove Arup Foundation
Robert McNeel & Associates Europe
Sülzle - Stahl, Energie, Ideen
ARI TUM Department of Architecture