Participative Digital Fabrication

In this semester project entitled "Participative Digital Fabrication" we will explore how the use of mobile AR technologies allows users to collaboratively build geometrically complex structures solely from instructions via a mobile interface.

Both on behalf of physical and digital methods, we will look into designing and developing a building kit for the design of a public pavilion for Munich. This building kit should consist of simple building parts, which can be assembled into any type of shape and disassembled after. It should also comprise viable external or in-built joint details for a structural connection between the parts.

We will further look into the design of human-machine interfaces and develop interactive and real-time visual building instructions for users to build a larger structure collaboratively. During the course, we will study and explore possible fabrication workflows on behalf of physical prototypes at 1:1 scale.

Integrated Seminar: 
Robotic Fabrication in Architecture

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