Fabrication-Aware Digital Design

Semester Topic: "Cooperative Mobile Brickwork"

"Cooperative Mobile Brickwork", a collaboration between the Technical University of Munich and the Bauinnung München-Ebersberg, is investigating how people and mobile robots can support and cooperate with each other in brickwork construction.

At the beginning of the seminar, bricklayer apprentices from the training center of the Bauinnung München-Ebersberg teach students the theoretical and practical basic principles of historical brickwork. Building on this, the course participants are taught theories and basic practical knowledge for fabrication-oriented digital design and robot-based fabrication in architecture. Using existing examples, students will learn the principles of parametric design of brickwork using the Python programming language in Rhino and Grasshopper software. The theoretical principles discussed are deepened in design exercises. These serve as preparation for a 3-day fabrication workshop in which students, apprentices and a mobile robot will collaboratively create a 1:1 scale design at the premises of the Bauinnung.

Overall, the seminar aims to promote students' understanding of how new technologies, materials and processes can contribute to a progressive and sustainable building culture.

Bauinnung München-Ebersberg