Ecologies of Building


The foundation seminar ECOLOGIES OF BUILDING focuses on the architect's role. As architects, we possess the capacity to design systems with impact in the built environment. Within interdisciplinary teams, we'll create prototypes that drive a sustainable transformation of the TUM Campus Schragenhofstraße. In collaboration with the Institute of Sustainable Mobile Powertrains, we envision a bottom-up campus transformation via holistic design and architectural solutions.

We explore turning the campus into a flexible research area. We consider changes to the institute's architecture opening to partners in academia and industry. We address smart energy management bridging the gap between energy transition and mobility, showcasing a comprehensive approach.

In mixed teams of students and TUM experts, we develop scalable prototypes during a Design Sprint. We build on the micro-grid concept, allowing the institute to be self-sufficient and a pioneer in merging mobility and energy. Expert inputs contribute to this, acting as a foundation.

Experts share practical knowledge during Design Sprints, mentoring student teams. They support us in theme selection, manufacturing 1:1 prototypes, and validating future scenarios. By Design Sprints we translate prior analyses into forward-looking circular strategies for the TUM Schragenhofstraße Campus development.


Prof. Niklas Fanelsa, Victoria Schweyer

Experts from the TUM:
Prof. Malte Jaensch (Institute of Sustainable Mobile Powertrains)
Tobias Michl (Head of TUM Sustainability Office)
Benedikt Schweiger (Chair for Energy Systems)
Prof. Katja Thoring (Integrated Product Design)
Sebastian Wolff (Chief Engineer and Post-Doc at the Institute of Sustainable Mobile Powertrains)