Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE)


The real estate industry, given its immense impact on the environment and the consumption of resources, must maintain its leadership role and commit to innovation and continuous progress in the context of the social and cultural issues of our time. It is incumbent upon researchers, practitioners, and professionals that we establish new strategic thinking and forward-looking development approaches and practices, and consider the entire life cycle of real estate: Beginning with the spatial and design requirements of users, through resource acquisition, project development and construction, to the operation and rehabilitation of a property.

Our primary goals are therefore to contribute to a more sustainable environment, to preserve and secure assets, and to offer appropriate teaching formats and management tools for those entering the profession, as well as for managers with professional experience.

The Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE) is founded on a newly created interdisciplinary platform based on the tradition of TUM. The CSRE aims to create a discourse between academics and professionals, to place innovative concepts in the context of social and environmental responsibility, and to increase the resilience and prosperity of real estate-based assets.

The cluster serves as an exchange platform that generates future-oriented knowledge and advocates for informed and responsible application in real estate practice.


CSRE acts as an innovative research platform:

We work closely with stakeholders involved in the real estate process chain from companies as well as from the disciplines of architecture, engineering, economics, and political and social sciences to conduct outstanding research;


CSRE creates a specialized training program for real estate industry talent:

We provide opportunities for our students and stakeholders to understand real estate value chains in a process-oriented, responsible and innovative way;


CSRE forms an outstanding network for future leaders:

We bring together selected leaders from the real estate industry with outstanding researchers and students from TUM to create a positive impact on the environment, economy and society.