Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE)

Structure and Modus Operandi

The Sustainable Real Estate Cluster sees itself as a platform of members from the real estate industry and TUM who share the same goals and visions and are willing to contribute to their realization. In line with the cluster's goals, each member can submit research proposals on their own initiative


The directors are responsible for ensuring the functioning of the cluster. Selected representatives of real estate companies form a funding group that funds related research projects. An elected spokesperson coordinates this team. In addition, a scientific committee is elected from the scientists of the participating chairs and professorships of TUM, which regularly discusses the submitted proposals and makes recommendations for support. The scientific committee is supported by an advisory board consisting of further scientists from the respective field. The funding group finally decides on potential research projects based on the recommendations by the scientific committee.


The following professorships are involved in the scientific committee.:

  • Professorship for Construction Process Management and Real Estate Development (Prof. Konrad Nübel, Dr. Wolfgang Eber)
  • Professorship for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Planning and Construction (Prof. Werner Lang)
  • Professorship for Urban Development and Real Estate Management (Prof. Matthias Ottmann)
  • Professorship for Urban Development (Prof. Alain Thierstein)
  • Professorship for Real Estate Development (Prof. Bing Zhu)

Contact person

Scientific Committee Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE)

Team Cluster Sustainable Real Estate (CSRE)

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Dipl. Arch. Mathieu Wellner


Research fellow / Mediator of CRE

Dipl. Arch. Mathieu Wellner


Research fellow / Mediator of CSRE