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will PROXIMITY sill MATTER? between space, function + process

We, the team of the Chair of Urban Development at TUM, are planning a fanfare of events on the occasion of Professor Thierstein's retirement after 19 years at the Chair of Urban Development under the title "will PROXIMITY still MATTER?". It takes place from 18-22 March 2024 in Munich and hybrid. The gathering will highlight past, present and future projects in the form of individual formats (lecture, publication, workshop, panel, graphic, illustration, video, photo gallery, intervention in space (analog or digital), poster, meet-up, hackathon, design sprint, webinar, and the like).

The week will bring together actors of our network through a wide variety of activities. Professor Thiersein hopes that from this week of engagement new collaborations will emerge, ideas become defined into projects, and your projects get exposure –we would like to share our knowledge encouraging further productivity in this way.

We would like to invite you to be part of our epilogue and ask you to contribute.

The goal is to represent the range of topics on which Professor Thiersein and the Chair of Urban Development have worked. The result will be a program designed in collaboration with active members at the chair, highlighting the current issues and discourses in our field.

In return we offer access our wide network of academics and professionals who will participate. Please find attached the "Call for Ideas" with further information. 

We have created a Linkedin Page to give visibility to our network and share content. If you would like to, please feel very welcome to join that as well!

We look forward to recieving your ideas by the 18th of July 2023!

You can submit your Ideas here.


Diane Arvanitakis