Urban Futures Thinking: Documentation of Design Sprint as part of TUM Project Week

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As part of the TUM Project Week, the Chair of Urban Development and the TUM Venture Lab Built Environment organized the seminar "Urban Futures Thinking" from January 9 to 13. In the Design Sprint, students from different disciplines worked on the future of urban spaces using the Tucherpark in Munich as an example.

Methodology, process and results of the project week are now documented in a brochure, which is available at the following link:



Urban Futures Thinking: Course in the context of the „TUM Projektwoche”

Date: January 09 to January 13, 2023

Location: TUM Venture Lab Built Environment, Technical University of Munich, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich, Germany.


Students: Christoph König, Jodok Kroitzsch, Myriam Künzel, Alexandra Lischke, Zoreslava Marchuk, Geraldus Martimbang, Khusan Mukimov, Antonia Otto, Oliver Siebert, Daria Zakhvatova

Chair of Urban Development: Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein, Diane Arvanitakis, Markus Weinig, Caspar Kleiner

TUM Venture Lab Built Environment: Dr. Christos Chantzaras, Tobias Förtsch