Program PPL 2021-2022

Interdisciplinary seminar for the building traineeship

In an age of globalization, climate change and digitization, we are facing major social challenges. Against the background of these fundamental processes of change, the TUM Public Planning Lab focuses on the demands on public building administrations and wants to offer their future junior staff an interdisciplinary platform to learn about and try out innovative, future-oriented approaches. The TUM Public Planning Lab is conducted as an interdisciplinary seminar on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport at the Chair of Urban Design. It is part of the two-year preparatory service for the civil engineering and environmental administrative service, which qualifies young professionals for public building administrations in the fields of structural engineering, urban planning, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, road construction and water management.

The concept of the TUM Public Planning Lab focuses on the question of the authority of the future and the necessary competencies of its managers. In addition to the expansion of specialist knowledge to include technological innovations and current topics, the seminar focuses on management skills, personal skills and methodological competencies. The interdisciplinary examination of complex topics and tasks contributes to a broader understanding of planning and construction processes. In addition to the ability to find solutions to a technical problem, the methodology of networked thinking is in the foreground. Practical problems are used to develop an awareness of how economic, social, political and legal aspects are interrelated. The participants build up sustainable interdisciplinary - and if possible also international - networks. The seminar increases the ability to reflect on the goals and implementation strategies of tasks in the public sector and to work on current administrative problem areas.



Elena Schirnding de Almeida
Dipl.-Ing. Architektin, Stadtplanerin

T +49-89-289-22348


Olga Wiedenhöft

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F +49-89-289-22349

2019 / 2020
"2058 - Our work is done" Under this title the trainees asked questions about the future. In interdisciplinary teams, a multimedia exhibition was developed, which thematizes nine scenarios. Different questions, utopias and visions were thought through, discussed, visualized, exaggerated and discussed at the closing event with colleagues from the TUM and with guests from state and municipal building authorities, the Chamber of Architects and from the private sector.