Module Architecture and its Representations

Architecture on Paper
Seminar / Workshop for Studying and Creating Architecture Magazines

Master Level 2 SWS / 3 ECTS
Lecturer: Sina Zarei Hajiabadi

Since the early nineteenth century, architectural magazines have been defining their positions as the sites for the production and reproduction of the meaning of architecture as an independent self-dependent profession. Along with presenting a brief historical review of this journey, the course will provide the participants the opportunity to define and design a layout of their magazines creatively. The sessions begin with a series of presentations about the history of architectural magazines, the theories for reading and analyzing them, and critical discussions on the formats and contents of some of the most prominent titles. The goal behind this part of the course is to provide students with a general understanding of the field and to prepare them for having critical ideas on the existing structures of the magazines. At the same time, the students will be encouraged to take a step forward from the existing structure of the magazines and come up with their own creative ideas for an architectural magazine. The course also includes several professional lectures presented by the ones that have either created/edited an architectural magazine or conducted academic research on this topic. The goal is to provide the students with a more professional approach on this medium and a realistic experience of creating a magazine. As the final result of the workshop, each group of students will present a prototype for their magazine, the latest draft of which will be discussed and judged during the final session and an extra session for public presentation. 

Kick-Off Meeting: Monday, 17.04.2023, 09.45
Meetings: Mondays, 09.45–11.15
Location: Seminar room 0340 B
Language: English