Earth Additive Manufacturing - EAM


Material and Process Combinations for AM with Earth-based Materials

This research project experimentally investigates a novel, earth-based AM-process, namely Intrusion Earth Additive Manufacturing (IEAM). The particle-bed-based process is examined in terms of its manufacturing, processing and associated mechanical properties, both during and after production. In addition, the general applicability for the building scale is examined, with a special focus on the evaluation of the use of components in compression-dominant structures, the evaluation of the building physics potential and the ecological sustainability potential. The project aims to create the scientific basis for a broader use of EAM methods to eventually enable a fully circular and thus truly sustainable construction in the future.


 In cooperation with

  • TT Professorship of Mineral Construction Materials (Prof. Dr. Alisa Machner), TUM
  • Institute of Structural Design (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kloft), TUBS

 Funding programme

This research is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) – project number 414265976 –
Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 277 "Additive Manufacturing in Construction"


  • 2024-2028