LoX: Collective AR-Assisted Assembly of Interlocking Structures

LoX, a cooperation between the TT Professorship Digital Fabrication and TT Professorship Structural Design with the Zurich start-up incon.ai, invites people to take part in a collective construction process made possible by Augmented Reality (AR) technology. In LoX, a digital building plan can be retrieved by users via a mobile AR app, which precisely positions building instructions in 3D space overlaid on the physical structure. The construction progress is synchronized and coordinated via the app using cloud-based tools, and allows several users to participate in the construction simultaneously. Based on the principle of topologically interlocking structures, LoX offers a variety of form-fitting connections with just one modular component made of timber without the use of mechanical connectors. This principle allows the implementation of small functional objects as well as larger and more complex structures on an architectural scale, which can be reconfigured and reassembled at any time. The overall aim of LoX is to make building processes more tangible and accessible to the public and to encourage community participation.

LoX Pavilion @ Kunstareal Fest:
LoX will be shown for the first time as part of the Kunstareal-Fest in Munich, in which a pavilion will be built collaboratively by students of the TU Munich over the course of two days. The structure will grow continuously and offer visitors different spatial experiences over the course of the construction.

Tuesday, July 20, 5 p.m., South lawn of the Alte Pinakothek