Freiraumlabor München - Vernissage Obersendling

Open spaces are very important in a growing city like Munich. So it is not only necessary to protect existing open spaces, but also to develop new innovative and vertical typologies. In the Seminar "Freiraumlabor München" (Open Space Laboratory Munich) we were looking for new green hybrid open spaces between Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The focus was on the design and implementation of such a "vertical open space“ in 1-to-1 or as large-scale models. As a "laboratory", the format has an experimental approach: The aim is to generate knowledge by an "experimental set-up" using the method "Research by Design". In a next step, this knowledge will serve a basis for a temporary implementation of a "vertical open space" in Munich.



Teaching team

Isabel Zintl , M.A.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig


Course language



Type of course

Seminar for Landscape Architecture and Architecture students