Drawing Time -  Processes as design parameters

Designs in architecture and landscape architecture usually are presented as something "perfect": renderings and also the often glazed photographs represent an ideal snapshot of a unique moment. Yet they are always subject to dynamics and sometimes to unpredictable changes. This is because important boundary conditions of our world are not static, but to be understood as processes. As designers, we are committed to taking these uncertainties into account in our concepts as much as possible. What's more, we are called upon to design developmental processes themselves. This is especially vital when the realization of a design is a lengthy process. In the seminar "Drawing Time - Processes as Design Parameters" we dealt with the representation of time and process and examined different presentation tools that capture time in very different ways. Based on the analysis of ubiquitous processes in our built environment, we developed our own methods of presentation of time in order to apply this knowledge finally in a short term test design.


Teaching team

Lorenz Boigner, M.A.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig


Cooperation partner

Noël van Dooren


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Type of course

Seminar for Landscape Architecture and Architecture students