Integrated Planning and Implementation of a Blue-Green Architecture Project by Applying a Design-Build Teaching Approach

Blue-green architecture (BGA) describes buildings and open spaces that combine nature-based and technical systems of vegetation and urban water management. This creates positive effects on the urban climate, public health, biodiversity, and water balance. In this study, a design strategy for BGA is applied and evaluated on a practical project. The project consists of an interdisciplinary course in which students of architecture and landscape architecture designed and implemented a BGA for a school garden in Munich, Germany. The students worked in an interdisciplinary planning team in which they took on different roles and responsibilities (blue/green/integration). As a result, the design was put into practice by their own hands and a nature-based system was built. The greywater from the school garden is now treated in a constructed wetland and, in combination with rainwater, feeds into a redesigned pond. Biodiversity was increased and a contribution to the environmental education of the pupils was made. The students demonstrated high learning success. Finally, the design strategy for BGA was positively evaluated using a design-based research approach and additional points were added for future applications.

The design and implementation of the BGA project was part of a university course that followed a research-based teaching approach. This approach creates a high level of interaction between research and teaching, resulting in high synergies for both fields. The sustainable development of design projects plays an increasing role in the professional practice of architects and landscape architects.


Coordination and project management

Dr.-Ing. Friederike Well

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig






Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung und Landschaftsbau e. V. (FLL)

Förderverein der Rudolf-Steiner-Schule München-Schwabing



Land journal: "Integrated Planning and Implementation of a Blue-Green Architecture Project by Applying a Design-Build Teaching Approach" Land 202211(5), 762;

Nodium Ausgabe 15 - Zeitschrift des Alumni Clubs der Landschaft TUM