Baubotanik test fields

The approach of Baubotanik, a building method based on botanical principals, can only be successful if the botanical growth rules become fundamental rules of construction and design.

Providing the basis for this, the professorship for Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture is maintaining several test fields, in which long-term tests concerning Baubotanik techniques are conducted. The method of Baubotanik is based on the natural phenomena of wound healing, callus formation and intergrowth. The test series explore techniques generating inosculations, plant shapes and plant additions. In addition to the advancement of techniques, the goal is to obtain information about the suitability of different tree species.

The test field's focus at the TUM Gewächshaus-Laborzentrum is on inosculation and joining techniques and contains 88 tree pairs, among them members of different species such as plane, willow, birch and black alder. The infrastructure of the Laborzentrum further provides an opportunity to add more test series in the future. Another test series for plant addition is located at the test station for horticulture in Hohenheim, whereas the test field at Baumschule Bruns in Bad Zwischenahn focuses on different approaches to shaping Baubotanik structures.