GREEN TYPOLOGIES - Green Architecture in Planters

Trees play a major role in climate change adaptation strategies in cities. Often, dense urban settings and its over- and underground technical infrastructure do not allow to plant trees into the ground. Therefore the seminar aims to enrich and expand the students’ planning repertoire by using trees in planters, and derived from it, explore new possibilities and techniques of vegetation in containers. Besides learning about relevant, vegetative basics of possible tree species, the students should develop new solutions to address the major assets of planters.

The seminar consists of two parts. In the first part, students acquire basic knowledge about different aspects of trees in planters by preparing input presentations. Therefor all participants are able to work on the second part from the same base. The topics include the cultural and historical use of trees in planters, the production in nurseries, types of planting pots, adaptability of trees in confined root spaces and aspects of root formation. The second part of the seminar will deal with the analysis of projects, which base their vegetation concept on trees in planters. The graphical elaboration of the analysis is the main focus. The projects can be put in three categories: Exotic (e.g. orangeries), public space (e.g. Hotspotpots) and building integrated (e.g. Tour de la biodiversité).

The seminar will be held online, video conferences via zoom will be set up. The presentation topics and projects will also be worked on online in teams of 3 and presented in a zoom conference.



Introductory event

All interested students are requested to attend the first online course:

27.04.2020 I 9:45 Uhr I via zoom


Meeting ID: 962 415 638

Password: 016421


The other dates and links to the video conferences can be found on TUMonline


Teaching team

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig 

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Metzler


Course language




Master seminar for landscape architecture and architecture students