Baubotanik Pavilion: Design - Build - Grow!

The gtla* Master Studio involves the design, planning and implementation of a Baubotanik structure, offering students access to the diverse activities involved in living architecture design and the opportunity to contribute to ongoing research projects at the professorship. The studio will result in the construction of a pavilion for the Baubotanik kitchen at Neue Kunst am Ried (Baden-Württemberg), a space for artists to exhibit work that engages with the natural world. The Baubotanik kitchen is an already existing arrangement of trees that form a place for visitors to Neue Kunst am Ried to gather, eat, cook, and discuss.


The studio will begin with an excursion to make surveys of the site and plan works. The group will then work on designs. A key element of this will be to factor growth dynamics into the design. How will the site change as the trees grow? How can designs show this? How can the design adapt to changes in structural form, aesthetics, and climate? Students will make physical models (circa 1:25), and digital models for structural and microclimatic analyses.


The group will be diverse, and the project’s direction will reflect this diversity. Therefore, students should have experience in some of the following tasks or have strong motivation to work in these fields:

- Photogrammetry survey and Laser scanning/TLS/LiDAR

- Structural analysis (classical or finite element methods)

- Computer-Aided Design (including Rhino, grasshopper, particularly point cloud manipulation)

- microclimate analysis

- plant growth models and simulation

- Physical model-making

- woodworking, metalworking tree pruning and other hand-on working skills


The results of the studio will be developed into a scientific research paper and may feature in conference and exhibition presentations and a TV-documentary


Group working ability and an interest in scientific methods is expected. Ideas for additional project work are welcomed if they make clear reference to the above topics and methods. The number of participants is limited to 12. Interested students should contact the Professorship for Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture (,, describing their previous experience and interest in the project.



Teaching team

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig 

Qiguan Shu, M.A.


Course language

German / Englisch   



Master Project for landscapearchitecture and architecture students 

15 ECTS