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The gtla* Design-Research-Studio offers interested students the opportunity to develop individually supervised projects in the context of the professorship's current research topics. 

The following topics are available:

- Baubotanik: 

Design studies for the integration of trees into the façade of buildings - tree façade 

Banyan Architecture: design studies based on the growth patterns of tropical strangler figs, in particular using digital design tools.


- ECOlogical building enveLOPES - ECOLOPES:

Development of theoretical foundations and experimental architectural approaches for a radically new form of urban development: Building envelopes are envisioned as integral parts of the urban ecosystem, which focuses equally on people, plants, animals and microorganisms.


Interested students should contact Prof. Ludwig as soon as possible to determine concrete topics and goals. The offer is primarily aimed at master students of landscape architecture and architecture and can also be done as an MA or BA thesis. Students should have appropriate preliminary knowledge, e.g. have already attended courses at gtla*. 

An attitude of independent work with a high affinity to experimental or scientific methodologies is required. If there is a clear relation to the mentioned topics and methods, it is also possible to work on independent projects.

The number of participants is limited to 6. Supervision is individual, group work is possible.

Tutoring by Ferdinand Ludwig and/or GTLA team members, supported by the network of the research project.



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Introductory event

26.04.2022 I 14:00 - 15:30 I Hybrid

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tuesdays 14:00 - 18:00 


Teaching team

Ludwig, Ferdinand

Höpfl, Lisa

Shu, Qiguan

Sunguroglu Hensel, Defne


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Master project for landscape architecture and architecture students

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