GREEN TECHNOLOGIES - Living Architecture

The lecture „Green Technologies - Living Architecture“ first of all teaches fundamental knowledge of green technologies. Green technologies are understood here as techniques in which living plants play a central role. Topics are among other things green architecture / building greening, (blue-) green infrastructure and vegetation technology. These approaches are analysed as (landscape-) architectural concepts in their social and cultural-historic dimensions. The interplay between vegetation, soil, water, climate and built structures is conveyed in order to develop an individual approach to traditional as well as innovative examples of green solutions, to independently analyse projects and to develop one‘s own concepts in the field of green technologies. The lecture forms the basis and prerequisite for participation in the seminar of the same name.     

Building on the lecture series, the seminar Green Technologies - Living Architecture will examine outstanding examples of living architecture and related phenomena worldwide. Examples are grown ladders and stairs in India, a living bridge in Chinese Guangzhou, the German Tanzlinden, living fences in England and the bizarre tree figures of the Californian Tree Circus. We are interested in the interaction between plant growth processes and the underlying technologies. The correspondence that can be observed between constructive goals and the phenomena of natural growth provides important insights for successful design with living material. The focus of this semester‘s seminar this semester is on the analysis and comparison of different examples in their respective contexts. We use drawing methods and will produce analytical structure and concept models.



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Introductory event

27.04.2022 I 09:45 - 11:15 I Room 2350 and online

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Wednesdays  09:45 - 13:00


Teaching team

Ludwig, Ferdinand

Middleton, Wilfrid

Shu, Qiguan


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Lecture and seminar for students of landscapearchitecture and architecture

lecture  3ct / 2 SWS

seminar  3ct / 2 SWS