Green Typologies - Digital tools for tree design

Trees provide essential ecosystem services to human living environments. At our professorship, we explore methods and workflows to take advantage of trees’ performance in buildings and structures. Trees are distinguished from traditional building materials due to their complexities in dynamic growth. Therefore, digital tools are used in a workflow to capture tree geometries and analyze their growth in order to achieve the design aims. In this seminar, you will have a chance to select a small-scale site with several trees to design a functional structure on it. Diverse digital tools will be used to analyze possible design changes in the structures based on projected tree growth.

The students should have strong motivation in applying digital methods to tree engineering and design. Experience and knowledge of photogrammetry, 3d modeling, tree growth, and parametric design is useful, but more important is a willingness to learn. The project work will involve integration with Rhinoceros (and Grasshopper), so skills in CAD and programming are highly recommended. Students from interdisciplinary backgrounds including architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering and forest science are all welcomed.

We have a very limited capacity of 12 students in this seminar. If applied students exceed the number, please send some related work samples of yours to for a selection.

All students are welcomed to attend the first meeting on Monday Oct 18, 2021 at 16.00 a.m. You will get an overview and more detailed introduction of this seminar.


Introductory event

All interested students are requested to attend the first online course:

18.10.2021 I 16:00 Uhr I via zoom





Teaching team

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig 

Qiguan Shu, M.A.

Wilfrid Middleton, M.Eng.


Course language




Master seminar for landscape architecture and architecture students



Teaching team

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig