GREEN TYPOLOGIES Garching Pavilion Follow-up



This seminar is a follow-up of the studio project Design-Build-Grow III taken place in the WS 23/24. The studio was one of the Design-And-Build Studio series at GTLA, where Baubotanik structures were designed and implemented through cooperation in interdisciplinary teams. In the last few years, we have designed and constructed ArborKitchen (see this Link) and Shillong Pavilion (see this Link) with students.


In the past WS 23/24, the project studio has proposed 5 pavilion proposals for the TUM campus in Garching close to the south entrance to the subway station. Despite their excellence in concepts and details, further works are still demanded to realize one of the proposals. For example, refining the material and building techniques, contacting funding and suppliers, getting construction permission, etc. The middle presentation of the seminar will take place on 12 June, in the form of a stand presentation to the public on the TUM Sustainability Day. By then, design works must have been completed. Some contacting and negotiation work would continue until the end of the semester. These tasks involve content and procedures similar to those of practical work in landscape design offices. In this context, this seminar is offered to both previous studio participants to follow up on this journey and to new students who would like to join the pavilion team. 


Due to the clear target and aim to build one of the pavilions, the tasks and problems will be clearly allocated to individuals with a preset route and time. The failure to accomplish qualified results could possibly cause delays in delivering the Pavilion on scheduled time. That’s why we would expect the team to be efficient and reliable.


The following skills are highlighted in this phase of the work:

- Parametric Design with Rhino and Grasshopper;

- Structural engineering with tools such as Karamba3D;

- Practical skills and experiences in construction, especially with landscape projects;

- Good communication skills (German preferred for certain tasks) to talk to funders and suppliers.


The number of participants is limited to 12. Interested students should contact the Professorship for Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture (, briefly describing your previous experience and interests in the project.


Professorship of Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture

Professorship of Structural Design

Teaching Team:

Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig,

Prof. Pierluigi D‘Acunto,

Qiguan Shu,

Sebastian Dietrich







Room 1349@0503,

Main Campus in Munich




09:00-13:00 Uhr



Green Typologies 6 ECTs / 4SWS

LV-Nr: 0000003183

MA Landscape Arch.
MA Architecture
BA Landscape Arch.

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