Climate Responsive Building I and II

The mandatory module "Climate Responsive Building" includes both lectures of "Climate Responsive Building I and II" in the current winter- or summer term. At the beginning of each new thematic block, students are provided with basic information from the bachelor's programme, which they are to repeat in self-study. This is the basis for the content of the lecture. One written examination is held in the end of both winter- and summer term`s block.

The course teaches the interrelationships of building design with room conditioning and the systems required for this. The influencing factors for energy-efficient and sustainable planning and building related to climate and location factors are taught and explained using project examples. The climatic conditions result in correlations between design and technical execution in planning. These are considered against the background of dwindling fossil resources and the use of renewable energy systems. In addition to the communication of passive measures for saving heating and cooling energy, as well as the basic comfort requirements in summer and winter in the respective context of use, appropriate active transfer systems and energy generation systems adapted to them are discussed.

The following topics are content of winter semester
Climate Responsive Building I

Factors of climate zones and location
Thermal comfort
Heating and cooling systems
Energy generation and storage
Outdoor comfort
Simulation tools

The following topics are content of summer semester
Climate Responsive Building II

Hygienic Comfort
Ventilation systems
Visual Comfort
Daylight and artificial light
Acoustical Comfort
Simulation tools

The lectures build on each other to a certain extent, but can be taken independently of each other.