Roberta Fonti

Dott. ric. Roberta Fonti

Independent Researcher / Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Tel.: +49.89.21124.561


Born in 1984, she is a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Restoration of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Before, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Chair for Structural Design of the TUM. She was trained in structural mechanics and conservation-restoration at Reggio Calabria and the University of Naples “Federico II”. She conducted research on the static of masonry vaults and the mechanics of rubble masonry focusing on the role of groins on the extrados in thin vaults, and uncut boulders in the development of unconventional out-of-plane mechanisms of collapse, which were observed during the 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake. While her doctoral research mainly concentrated on the mechanics of historic masonry, the subject of her post-doctoral studies shifted from numerical models for masonry constructions to protective measures for archaeological remains by encompassing the field of Structural engineering, Construction History and Restoration. Fonti is the scientific responsible for the BMBF Project Restoring Modern Architecture in Europe by the work of Marcello Piacentini: The case of the Italian Simplified Neoclassicism (NB-EINS) – thus, researching on early reinforced concrete heritage buildings. She has been awarded a prize by the International Masonry Society (IMS) within the 10th IMC Conference (year 2018), and within the "Kleine Fächer - Große Potenziale" Conference in Berlin (year 2017), and a special mention within the Edoardo Benvenuto Prize (year 2015) as well as a TUFF Fellowship from the TUM Foundation (2014), and Individual Fellowships within the COST Action TU0904 (2013) and ReLUIS project (2012) on the Vulnerability of old masonry to fire and the Seismic Vulnerability of Monumental Buildings, respectively. Fonti was also selected to represent the TUM within the 3rd Global Scientists Summit in Singapore (2015)


Field of expertise:

Structural mechanics, Construction History, Repurposing and reinforcement of Heritage Buildings



2013 Ph.D in Construction Engineering, curricula of Structural Design. Faculty of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, ITA. Topic: “Statics and Mechanics of historical rubble masonry”

2009 MSc. in Architecture, curricula of Conservation-Restoration, Faculty of Architecture, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, ITA. Topic: The role of “solid” springers in the static of masonry vaults. Designing by using geometrical standards

2007 BA of Architecture - curricula of History and Conservation of Architectural Heritage and Environmental Assets, Faculty of Architecture, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, ITA. Topic: Thin vaults, a comparison of case studies: Lipari and Capri



2017: Independent Researcher at the Chair of Conservation-Restoration, Art technology and Conservation science, Faculty of Architecture, TU München; DE.

2016: Research Associate at the Chair of Conservation-Restoration, Art technology and Conservation science, Faculty of Architecture, TU München; DE

2014: Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Chair of Structural Design, Faculty of Architecture, TU München DE.

2007–2014: Independent co-worker and Partner at Candela & partners Engineering Office in Avellino (Campania), ITA. The professional practice and collaboration focused on the refurbishment, repurposing and seismic upgrade of architectural and archaeological Heritage buildings located in the WH Site of Naples and other Southern Italian cities.

(2018) Member of IMS International Masonry Society in Shermanbury, UK; (2012) Member of ARCo Associazione per il Recupero del Costruito in Rome, ITA; (2010) Member of the European COST Action Network; (2008 – 13) Member of the Italian ReLUIS Network.

Reviewer for the following international journal papers: 2014: Bentham Open Journal on Construction and Building Technology, ISSN: 1874-8368. 2017: International Journal of Masonry and Innovation, Inderscience Publishers, ISSN: 2056-9467



She has published one chapter in a book, co-edited a collection, and authored 36 articles in refereed peer-reviewed conference proceeding and journals, out of which she presented as a speaker 16 papers at international conferences in European and non-EU Countries.


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