Lead User Project

In collaboration with the TUM School of Management (SOM) and the Chair of Technology- and Innovation Management (Prof. Henkel), we offer this research-based innovation seminar. You will work in interdisciplinary teams of 4 (2 students from Architecture, 2 students from Management) and conduct research with lead users identified as relevant for the furniture industry. The results will be presented to our industry partner, Steelcase furniture manufacture, and potentially inform their future furniture designs.

Goal of the seminar is to develop innovative ideas within a real innovation project. As a team of four students, you will progress jointly with a project partner through the individual phases of a lead user project. You will identify trends within a jointly defined search area and, as a next step, search for lead users as well as experts within defined topic areas. The lead user project (not any more part of the student project) concludes with a lead user workshop during which participants develop innovative product concepts for the project partner. The theoretical foundation is the lead user method which was developed by Eric von Hippel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The project partner in this semester is Steelcase, an interationally reknowned, design-focused furniture company. Needs around office furniture have evolved significantly throughout the pandemic. The seminar offers the opportunity to dive into a changing industry. It is offered jointly by the Management and Architecture faculty. Each faculty offers six seminar spots to its students.

You will work independently throughout the seminar and benefit from individual mentoring. The project progress will be discussed in regular intervals with each team. A high practical exposure is ensured through regular alignment meetings and two presentations with senior managers of Steelcase. Two presentation coachings with Dr. Christian Hackl (TUMtech) are offered.

Please ensure that you are able to participate at all specified meetings. 

Internal Kick-Off

Monday 16.10.2023 | 17:00 - 20:00 | Room Z538

Other Dates (to be confirmed)

Kick-Off with Steelcase: Thursday 19.10.2023 | 9:00

Mid-term presentation: Thursday 14.12.2023 | 9:00

Final Presentation: Thursday 01.02.2024 | 9:00

All other consultations will be scheduled flexibly. 
Please ensure that you are able to participate at all specified meetings. 


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