BA3 Studio: Constructing Logics

The final reviews of our BA3 Studio are starting tomorrow. Join us in room 4140. Our guest critics will be Ursula Hürzeler and Wolfgang Rossbauer, Prof. Pierluigi D’Acunto and Prof. Thomas Auer. Models will be at display as a small exhibition in rooms 4168 and 4170A.

Concept model by Hackmann, Knoop, Steffens & Wald

Constructing Space: a selection of students' images 

In this exercise, architecture students of the BA3 reproduced a given image without knowledge of the building. They reconstructed this image through understanding the relationship between structure, light and space, capturing the atmosphere in a one week model charrette. The exhibition showcased all 120 images produced.

01 - Zoe Amber Kamal & Bruno Haberl; 02 - Christina Royes & Petar Kalinov; 03 - Paul Leon Volz & Benedickt Harzer; 04 - Emil Dube & Lukas Flohr; 05 - Louis Felipe Goeke & David Noah Nüssle; 06 - by Jule Marie Denner & Theresa Müller

Pop-up Exhibition: Constructing Space

To celebrate the start of the new school year a short pop-up exhibition of the first exercise from the BA3 students titled Constructing Space took place in the entrance courtyard of TUM Building. Students have been passionately working away on their images, reconstructed without plans or sections on a one week warm-up exercise of structure, light, and space.