TUM Bioregional Design Lab

The TUM Bioregional Design Lab is an interdisciplinary research hub at the forefront of architectural innovation, merging the principles of bioregionalism with bio-design techniques in the built environment. By bringing together designers, scientists, and engineers, this collaborative studio explores and implements holistic solutions that harmonize with the unique ecological, cultural, and social characteristics of specific regions on a global level. Through in-depth research, sustainable materials exploration, and innovative technologies, the lab endeavors to develop novel materials, building systems, and production lines that support environmental stewardship, enrich native biodiversity, and foster an inclusive circular economy. Emphasizing community-centered engagement and resilience, the TUM Bioregional Design Lab aims to decarbonise the built environment, addressing climate change challenges, the decarbonization of the industry, and the shift towards a purpose economy. The lab envisions a regenerative future where architectural practice coalesces seamlessly with nature, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.