The enhancement of equality and parity on all levels is a core objective. We are aiming for a fair, respectful, diverse, and inclusive work- and research environment at the TUM Department of Architecture.
A summary of helplines, financial aids and scholarships, as well as coaching and information services regarding diversity can be found here.

Gender Mainstreaming at the Department of Architecture 

As representatives of the Gender Equality Officers of the TUM School of Engineering and Design we are the primary contact regarding equality at the Department of Architecture. As the open task force Parity Board we discuss and develop the incorporation of principles of equality. We regularly stimulate the interchange about equal opportunities, gender equity and diversity through the event format Parity Jour Fixe. By systematically allocating teaching assignments we are aiming to foster gender specific aspects in the teaching and in the profession of architecture. The awarding of the Christiane Thalgott Prize honors outstanding thesis and semester projects of female students at the Department of Architecture.

To strengthen gender equality work at all levels of the Department, a Parity Board was established by the Department of Architecture at the end of 2019. It is to jointly develop goals and strategies for an equal-opportunities working environment at the TUM Department of Architecture. The initial goals are to anchor the Department’s principles of equality and conduct continuous gender parity monitoring of the Department, as well as achieve a clear institutional anchoring of the board. 

The Parity Board is made up of members of the student body, junior staff, administration, and faculty staff. It is currently an open body with no fixed number of members

The Parity Jour Fixe (PJF) is a platform with the objective to foster a fair, diverse and inclusive work- and research culture at the TUM Department of Architecture. Currently the Gender Equality Officers annually organize five to six events. These raise the awareness on supremacy and inequality regarding the distribution of knowledge, money, and visibility in architecture. They also offer the opportunity to discuss equal opportunities, gender equity and diversity with invited guests from other universities. 

In Germany the distribution of gender at architecture schools has been equal since the 1990s. Today there is more women graduating with a degree in architecture than men. But this distribution is neither being reflected in leading positions of architecture firms nor in professors at universities, where women are still underrepresented. 

Asking the question of why let to the study “Women in Architecture” which combines different research methods to create an overlook of the current situation of female architects. Among other things the authors focused on the question whether there were subject-specific mechanisms of exclusion, that lead to a discrimination of women and a drop-out of female architecture graduates. The quantitative part with Figures, Data, Facts outlines the situation of female architects at universities as well as in the economy. The statistical data is being supplemented by expert interviews. The conversations with 21 professionals that strayed from the traditional architectural career path, so called “drop-outs”, complements the statistic with personal experiences, possible career choices and reviews on the compatibility of family and job.

The study states clearly that there are extensive deficits regarding the topic: many questions regarding gender and architecture remain unanswered and the data availability is insufficient. The aim of the authors is to phrase a research proposal on the grounds of this study, researching the whereabouts of architecture graduates, the compatibility of Care-work and the architecture job as well as the mechanisms of the architectural field.
PDF of the full study

Every semester the Gender Equality Officers appoint two teaching assignments to convey gender as a natural aspect of the architecture education. Gender Studies in Architecture is topically tied to gender questions; Aktuelle Fragestellungen aus Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft serves the empowering of women in teaching.

The teaching assignments for these courses are publicly advertised and are financially and organisationally situated at the Department of Architecture.

Application deadline for winter semester 2022/23: 13.06.2022
Please send your application (CV and lecture proposal) to gender.arc@ed.tum.de 

The Gender Equality Officer at the Department of Architecture in cooperation with Prof. Christiane Thalgott, former Head of Urban Planning and Building Department in Munich, award the prize for equal opportunities each winter semester.
The prize promotes excellent student work at the Department of Architecture that pursues an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the task or project concerned.