About us

With 1,500 students, around 200 scientists and 27 professorships, the Department of Architecture at the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED) is pursuing a research-oriented teaching approach in cooperation with public organizations and companies — embedded in the excellent living and research environment of the greater Munich area.
Our central task is to sustainably improve teaching and research in our field and to develop strategies for the transformation of our built environment. Starting from the core activity of designing, we synthesize, contextualize and design complex spatial solutions. Our vision is to successfully integrate design practice into research.

Key topic at the Department Architecture 

"[...] climate change, resource responsibility, the different focus areas of our Department try to face these urgent problems from different perspectives. The core discipline of architectural design does not only try to design new forms of sustainable architecture, they also try to get to the source of the problems building materials sustainability in buildings itself." Department Head Prof. Regine Keller presents the Department Architecture, part of the TUM School of Engineering and Design at Technical University of Munich.


Studios & Orientation

Students benefit from a professional working area on the Munich inner city campus: There are extra educational and research units over an area of more than 13.000 square metres. The department has numerous studio areas with 1.200 work spaces. more

Boards & Management 

Further information about and contacts to the academic leadership team as well as the management of the School Office as a service facility of all Departments at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. more


Student accolades are regularly awarded at the Department of Architecture. In the field of architecture the TUM School of Engineering and Design annually grants several awards in cooperation with foundations. more

Annual Exhibition

AJA is the annual exhibition at the Department of Architecture, organized by students for students. Along the exhibition of semester and research projects, the AJA hosts an annual curated program inviting visitors to share their thoughts on current issues regarding architecture and the teaching of architecture. more

Task Force Sustainability 

The Task Force Sustainability at the TUM Department of Architecture is an association of students, researchers, and faculty members. The joint objective is to shape a more sustainable university. more

Job- and Internship Portal

The Jobportal of the Technical University Munich contains job advertisements by the TUM and other scientific institutions, as well as by firms and companies. more