Building Archaeology I

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Alexander von Kienlin
  • Kilian Wolf
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2022
Language of instructionEnglish
DatesSee TUMonline


The lecture series is taught in English and open to all incoming exchange students. The lecture series Building Archaeology introduces participants to the wide range of topics, methods and problems covered by historic building research as a special discipline of architecture. Compact lectures and practical workshops will showcase not only the research, analysis, documentation and decryption of complex historic buildings, but also ways of conserving and using them in practice. Students can put their newly gained knowledge of analysis and both analogue and digital methods of building recording to the test in a practical on-site workshop and a short field trip or guided city walks at the end of the seminar.


- good command of English - basic photography and drawing skills - basic literature research

Teaching and learning methods

lecture with exercises In addition to introductory lectures the students will work alone or in groups for short on-site exercises and workshops. These serve to train the eye and documentation skills in preparation for the field trip, where a number of historic buildings will be visited, analysed and recorded by the students.

Recommended literature

Publications by ICOMOS, Serie Monuments and Sites Vol. VII: Building Archaeology. By Manfred Schuller. München. Paris, ICOMOS, 2002 VOL. XX: International Principles of Preservation. By Michael Petzet. Paris, ICOMOS, 2009 Publications by English Heritage and National Trust