The Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space archives the estates of the following important figures in the modern history of landscape architecture:

  • Gottfried Hansjakob (*1937) und Anton Hansjakob (1943-2016)
    Archiv am Architekturmuseum München

    Written documents, plans, photos, journals and press articles
  • Alfred Reich (1908-1970)
    Plan collection
  • Alwin Seifert (1890-1972)
    Written documents, photo collection, journals, publications
  • Gerda Gollwitzer (1907-1996)
    Plan collection, various Monographs
  • Günther Grzimek (1915-1996)
    Written documents, photo collection, occasional plans, publications
  • Otto Valentien (1897-1987)
    Written documents, plan collection, artistic drawings