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In studio1zu1, members of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Public Space at the Technical University of Munich work together with students to realise permanent and temporary designs and spatial experiments on a one-to-one scale. The studio1zu1 is both a teaching format and a research project: in the form of real laboratories, it investigates how craft and artistic research and design in public space can be established in teaching and scientifically further developed.

Classified in the research field of intervention and participation, ways are being tested to what extent the artistic work forms of installation and performance can be used as a means of innovative planning procedures and (citizen) participation formats to initiate architectural and social processes of change in public space.



A Street-Space-Experiment in Munich´s Old Town

Making of Schanigärten

Self-build Architectures in the Corona Summer 2021


A Tree Simulation for Munich Street-Space-Experiments


A Bee Field on Ludwigstraße

Airfield Polyport Bernried (MPB)

A temporary airfield at the "Museum der Phantasie"


Suburban Gardening at the MaximiliansForum


An artistic installation for the Blaue Nacht Nürnberg 2014

schlossgarten 850

Installation as part of the 850th anniversary of Landsberg am Lech


Installation as part of the LGS Bamberg 2012

Orange Farm

Khanyisani Preschool Project, South Africa