Gemeinschaftsgarten Goldschmiedplatz

Installation of 12 raised beds on a former streetcar and bus station.


Type of intervention: Installation
Project character: interim use
Theme: green city / social city / active city
Project objective: Occupation / stabilization

Project location: Munich; Hasenbergl; Schleißheimer Straße 520
Project dimension: approx. 40m²

Project period: since April 2018
Project duration: several years
Project frequency: permanent
Project timetable: ongoing

Open space type: traffic facility
Ownership: public land
Accessibility: not restricted

Clients: none
Creators: Green City e.V. // activist
Project partners: Diakonie Hasenbergl, BildungsLokal, Nachbarschaftsbüro Hasenbergl // social service provider, educational institution
Other actors: Neighborhood residents // Citizens, entrepreneurs 

(Contract) budget: unknown
Funding: Department of Social Affairs, City of Munich
Own funds: donations / crowdfunding

Planning context ★☆☆☆☆
Thematic planning context:
Example of civic interim use of derelict transport infrastructure.

Spatial planning context:
The former streetcar and bus station at Goldschmiedplatz has been repeatedly occupied by new installations since 2000. The community garden can also be classified here.

Research sources
Green City e.V. URL: Green City e.V.. Community garden at Nußbaumpark. URL: 05.06.2019 / Wikipedia URL: Goldschmiedplatz 05.06.2019.

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Christopher King

Christopher King, TUM, 2019

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