summer term 2018

Collaborating Cultures Negotiating Identities

Processes of collaboration encourage the negotiation between different concepts of identities. At the same time, might collaboration itself be constitutive

for a feeling of belonging, an experience of identity? Is there something like collaborative identity? This lecture series investigates how the plurality of perspectives, shaped by a diversityof cultural, national and social experiences, integral to collaboration, e.g. in artist collectives, leads to novel, constantly shifting identities that are no longer tied to national backgrounds. What can we learn from transnational artist groups such as the Blue Rider Movement in times of emerging populism demanding a clearly fixed national identity? More broadly, what is the link between the arts and processes of identity construction? Recent projects, such as the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, have highlighted the dilemma that identity still appears to be  tied to a form of national belonging and creative production. Without an awareness of identity politics, however, the perspectives of non-Western minorities will till be marginalised. What should a museum hat enables the presentation omultiple perspectives be like? Is there way for identity to be global and local at the same time?