First "Material Exchange" event explores steel in construction

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The first event of the newly founded "Material Exchange" platform is taking place on June 6th and 7th, 2024 at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The two-day symposium will examine the material steel in building construction from a scientific, historical and interdisciplinary perspective.

The platform Material Exchange, initiated by Jeannette Kuo, Professor of Architecture and Construction at TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED), is a newly established hub for research, exchange, and dissemination on cutting edge technologies and methods of material practice, dedicated to the questions of our lived environment.
The platform will be anchored by a series of annual symposia that bring together the best minds on an evolving material topic, bridging across disciplines and between academia, practice, and industry. Conversations will be built on the intersections of the science, engineering, and design considerations facing the material in question.

The first edition of Material Exchange is dedicated to exploring the significant role of steel in construction, a material synonymous with the modern architectural era. Known for its formidable strength and versatility, steel has enabled the rise of iconic structures like the Empire State Building and continues to push the boundaries of design and engineering.
Over the course of two days, the symposium will feature expert-led panels (see timetable), inculding a keynote lecture by Antoine Picon, who will discuss steel's evolving relationship with technology in architecture.
Topics will cover dynamic structural applications, the benefits of modular construction techniques, sustainability practices in steel recycling, and innovative ways to integrate steel with other materials to enhance construction outcomes.

Academics, students, and industry professionals are invited to engage with experts in the field and explore the advancements in steel applications.
Registration is open for those interested in shaping the future of building technologies.