Building Archaeology II

on-site building analysis & documentation through sketches

 Lecturer: Patrick Brunner
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionEnglish
DatesSee TUMonline


The lecture series is taught in English and open to all incoming exchange students.  The seminar Building Archaeology II instructs students on how to recognise relevant details and points of interest in historic buildings and how to document and decrypt for example their chronology or inner workings by keen observation and through comprehensible, analytical sketches. Following introductory lectures, the seminar will visit different buildings in Munich for sketching. After getting to know the object by initial sketches, the students will pick topics of interest. In between subsequent site visits the students will further their understanding of the building and chosen topics by individual or group research, in order to improve and enhance the on-site sketches with new information. This process will then be repeated on other buildings, continuously improving the students’ proficiency, efficiency and results.


- good command of English - basic photography and drawing skills - basic literature research

Teaching and learning methods

After introductory lectures, the students will work individually and in small groups. A number of historic buildings will be visited, analysed and sketched, producing a sketchbook of increasing quality and analytical depth. Its focus lies not with the quality of individual drawings, but with the progressively deepening understanding of the historic built environment and how this knowledge is communicated.

Recommended literature

Publications by ICOMOS, Serie Monuments and Sites Vol. VII: Building Archaeology. By Manfred Schuller. München. Paris, ICOMOS, 2002 VOL. XX: International Principles of Preservation. By Michael Petzet. Paris, ICOMOS, 2009 Publications by English Heritage and National Trust