You like to experiment with digital design and fabrication, have an interest in new technologies, materials and processes, and like to bring in your own ideas? Then you've come to the right place, because you have the opportunity to complete a Master thesis with your own project idea at the professorship.

Requirements, procedure and registration:

  • The prerequisite for the free Master thesis is the successful participation in one Project MA Digital Fabrication at the professorship.
  • For further preparation, a 3 ECTS compulsory module Methodical Development of Research Questions has to be taken and should be completed in the semester before the final thesis.
  • The supervision model for the thesis provides for regular supervision by a research assistant at the professorship and supervision discussions with the professor
  • If you are interested, please send an email to Lidia Atanasova with an informal sketch of your idea or expression of interest


Selected work

3D Robotic Path Planning for Material Application on Existing Surfaces

Krakovska, Ema


Alternative Representation Methods in Construction and Training AR App for Guiding Bamboo Assembly in Low-cost Housing Construction in the Global South

Saral, Begüm



Trummer, Julian
Schneider, Markus