Iuliia Larikova, M.A. 

Iuliia is an architect and researcher, her focus is additive manufacturing of climate-positive and biodiversity-improving façade elements from sustainable building materials. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2017 at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI) and her master’s degree in 2021 at the Technical University of Munich. She was a DAAD (Deutscher Akademiker Ausstausch Dienst) scholarship holder during her master's studies.  For her Master Thesis “Animal-inclusive design for digitally fabricated façades in Munich’s buildings renovation“ that was written on the professorship of Digital Fabrication she received Johannes B. Ortner Preis der TU München and Hochschulpreis der Bayerischen Bauindustrie 2023.

She has professional experience in architectural offices in Germany and abroad, and in December 2022 she joined the research group of the Professorship for Digital Fabrication.