Designing the post-fossil fuel future – "After Comfort: A User's Guide"

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The digital publication series "After Comfort: A User's Guide" addresses how best to design and create buildings as architects, engineers, and other professionals in the waning era of fossil fuels. Hosted by the archive and editorial platform e-flux Architecture, the project is a result of global collaboration: The guide is realized by experts from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Liverpool, and the climate engineering office Transsolar.

Metallreste von Lüftungsrohren und Ähnlichem liegen auf einem grauen Bürgersteig mit Gefälle vor einer schmutzigen grauen Betonwand
Image: Daniel A. Barber

With the dependence on fossil fuels nearing its peak, "After Comfort: A User’s Guide" emerges with the aim of redefining architectural norms and energy use in our living and working spaces. This venture is developed on the initiative of the TUM members Prof. Jeannette Kuo and Prof. Thomas Auer, Prof. Daniel A. Barber from the University of Technology Sydney, and Ola Uduku, Head of the Liverpool School of Architecture. Together with other contributors they confront the challenge of decarbonizing existing infrastructure, questioning long-held standards of comfort to uncover sustainable solutions. This project tries to go beyond traditional efficiency upgrades and proposes a transformation of architectural practices to align with a vision of environmental responsibility and innovation in the post-fossil fuel era.

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