Parity Jour Fixe No.22: Engaging from within: A workshop on institutional change for LGBTQ+ refugees

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The next Parity Jour Fixe of the TUM Department Architecture will be held on June 2nd!

Since the media coverage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in 2015/16 and the current plight of the Ukranian War, the topics of refugee/migrant/asylum have become much debated and overtly politicized concepts. Moreover, the discussions around refugees has often led to the de-humanization of those afflicted.

In this workshop, we will hear from members of Munich-based organisations on how they are supporting refugees coming to Germany/Munich to deal with not only the bureaucratic issues, but also the social and cultural differences they face arriving in Germany. The workshop will pay particular attention to LGBTQ+ refugees, aiming for a fully intersectional approach to problem-solving and focusing on the humanity of those seeking safety in a foreign country.

The workshop will consist of a short discussion panel of members from Bellevue di Monaco, Sub e.V.  and Technische Universität München, and will focus on three topics: housing, study/academia, and sociallife. After a short break, the workshop will be divided into smaller groups to work on ‘sustainable action points’, which might be theoretically (with a view to practically) implementing strategies which benefit LGBTQ+ refugees in the present and the future. We seek to find actionable, sustainable and attainable goals.

The workshop is open to all and will be held in English and seeks to have informal conversations about these topics. We are especially keen for students of the TUM to join our meeting. The workshop will be held in person, no online option will be provided. We remind all participants that the workshop should be entered with respect and a mindset conducive to building relationships, solving problems and working toward positive, realistic outcome

02.06.2022, 12 Uhr 

Alte Bibliothek, Room 2350 
Technsiche Universität München (TUM)
Eingang Luisenstraße, Goldener Engel