Parity Jour Fixe No. 23: Dreaming the Equitable Architecture School

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Poster of the Parity Jour Fixe No. 23

The next Parity Jour Fixe at the TUM Department of Architecture will take place on June 23rd! 

How are we dreaming future architecture schools? What could the curriculum or the institutional culture look like?
Ilze Wolff, co-director of Wolff Architects, South Africa, will give the keynote about how education and knowledge should be in service of forming collective freedom and about renewing our habits of assembly based on the poet Fred Moten.
Informed by the colonial history of their home in Cape Town, Wolff architects, a practice concerned with the architecture of consequence, addresses social inequities, social liberation and renewal.
The keynote is followed by a discussion moderated by Uta Leconte, Torsten Lange and the Chair of Unlearning. The Chair of Unlearning is a student led Chair at TUM, proposed by Elena Spatz, Marie Gnesda and Lisa André in their bachelor thesis.

23.06.2022, 17 Uhr 

Online: Zoom
Meeting-ID: 627 3549 9614
Kenncode: 582347