23rd International Exhibition in Milan

Ausstellung |

Curated by Professor Francis Kéré and astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer at the European Space Agency Ersilia Vaudo.

‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ installation by Francis Kéré / Image: DSL Studio

The topic of this years international exhibition is "Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries". The exhibition and pavillions, designed by designers, architects, artists, playwrights and musicians try to answer a series of questions about what we still "don't know we don't know" in different topics: from the evolution of the cities to the oceans, from genetics to astrophysics.

Professor of the Chair of Architectural Design and Participation Francis Kéré designed four installations that lead the visitor’s path in, out, and around the exhibition building. To highlight the lack of recognition towards the African continent, the installations show traditional culture and beauty, as well as emerging issues and worries.

Triennale 23rd International Exhibition

Palazzo dell’Arte, Milan, Italy

July 15 – December 11, 2022