WATER EVER - Designing with water challenges at the core - Exhibition until 22.04.24

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The Chair of Architectural Design and Participation presents WATER EVER - architectural designs which are aiming to confront the urgent global issues of extreme weather conditions. The exhibition showcases the work of students who have designed projects focusing on a specific issue related to water, either water scarcity or water excess, or both according to season, in a site to which they had a personal insight or a research interest to be deepened. The exhibition is on display until Monday, April 22nd.

Monday-Thursday 9am - 12pm
Until Monday 22.04.24

Chair of Architectural Design and Participation
Entrance at the corner of Luisenstr. / Gabelbergerstr.
(Thierschbau), 3rd floor
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München

Free Admission