Designs for the Green Corridor in the New Viehhofviertel Munich

Outdoor Exhibition at three locations around and on the Viehhof: Piazza Zenetti – Zenettiplatz 3, Bahnwärter Thiel – Tumblingerstraße 29, Kulturzentrum LUISE – Ruppertstraße 5; 80337 München

Saturday 28.11.-28.12.2020, open all day


The exhibition "Viehhofviertelpark" shows a total of 14 designs for the planned park in the new Viehhofviertel at publicly accessible locations. The works were created in the summer of 2020 as final projects in the bachelor's degree program in landscape architecture and planning. The exhibition is aimed at residents and visitors to the neighborhood and aims to provide ideas and impetus for further development.

Design Task

In the coming years, a new urban quarter with residential, commercial and cultural uses will be created on the former Viehhof site. The southern end will be a green space along the railroad tracks. At present, the site is characterized by building structures of the former cattle yard and interim cultural uses. How much subculture does high culture need? What informal practices can the public open space tolerate? How much old structures should remain, how much wild "urban nature" is allowed? Can interim uses act as a catalyst for urban flair and life in the new neighborhood?


Magdalena Bauer, Sophie Hammerl, Helen Heinz, Elisa Huber, Lea Jaud, Dilan Kalkan, Rebecca Kranner, Myriam Künzel, Sophie Lausch, Vanessa Mariacher, Olivia Romeni, Martha Schnitzenbaumer, Nina Welte, Daniel Wolfram


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke, M.Sc. Johann-Christian Hannemann


Beate Bidjanbeg, Children and Youth Representative / KJS Subcommittee in District Committee 2
Franz Schiermeier, history workshop Schlacht- und Viehhof 2014 / Franz Schiermeier publishing house
Daniel Hahn, organizer, Bahnwärter Thiel / Alte Utting, as well as other interim users and traders in the Viehhof including Südgarten, Kunst im Viehhof and BI Piazza Zenetti

Students' Project Works

More information and the individual projects can be found in the Showroom.

Images of the Exhibition