Designs for the street spaces in the new Viehhofviertel Munich

Outdoor Exhibition at the Kulturzentrum LUISE – Ruppertstraße 5, 80337 Munich

12. June 2021 - 1. July 2021, open all day


The open-air exhibition "Viehhofviertelstraßen" shows visionary designs for the street spaces of the planned new Viehhofviertel in the windows of the LUISE cultural center. The works were created in the winter semester 2020/21 in the Master course Landscape Architecture. The exhibition is aimed at residents and visitors of the neighborhood and aims to provide ideas and impulses for further development.

Design Task

The former Viehhof area will be the site of a new urban quarter with residential, commercial and cultural uses in the coming years. The city of Munich's master plan for the site includes only underground parking and streets with reduced traffic.
Who is allowed to use the gained space in which way and what does it look like – the street space of the future? The works develop concepts for tomorrow's traffic in the Isarvorstadt and show visionary street spaces and plaza sequences for the new Viehhofviertel.


Yuqing Cai, Yinuo Chen, Aida Demchenko, Andrea Ertl, Florian Fischer, Sophie Hammerl, Lisa Hirschberger, Tai-Hsuan Huang, Sophie Lausch, Susanne Lebedicker, Shihui Liu, Vera Margasova, Josefin Orlovsky, Magdalena Pongratz, Judith Schenkyr, Svenja Schmitz, Marie Scholtissek, Carling Sioui, Laura Stoib, Chia-Chun Su, Jiaoyang Sun, Frieder Wilk, Jialing Zhang, Lena Zintl     


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke, Tobias Haag M.A. – Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur und öffentlichen Raum


Dr. -Ing. Benjamin Büttner, Ulrike Jehle M. Sc. – Professur für Siedlungsstruktur und Verkehrsplanung

Students' Project Works

More information and the individual projects can be found in the Showroom.

In addition to the street spaces on the Viehhof site, the planned green corridor was also the subject of a student project. The documentation from summer 2020 can be found in the exhibition Viehhofviertelpark.

Images of the Exhibition