Bernried Arrival

From Sculpture Park to Art Landscape

Bachelor project 6 Landscape Architecture, Winter Semester 2015/16


The Buchheim Museum in Bernried is located in a park on the shores of Lake Starnberg. The combination of art, architecture and nature is the central approach of the museum. Although Günter Behnisch's museum building opens up to the landscape via windows and footbridges and the surrounding Höhenrieder Park is enriched with works of art, sculptures, building and landscape hardly enter into a dialogue with each other. The museum and the community would like to see a better integration of the museum into the landscape and the town of Bernried. To this end, Swiss artist Res Ingold has developed the idea of a "polyport", in which the museum becomes an imaginary airport with real approaches. 


During an "expedition" lasting several days, the aim is to experience and document the arrival in the place and the approach to the museum by various means (on land and on water). During a two-day workshop, a recording and analysis of spatial and atmospheric qualities in the place will be made. Based on this, the conception of a system of paths and places in the landscape will take place. For this purpose, architectures, elements, structures and actions from the airport context are to be developed as "follies" for the landscape - following on from the idea of the polyport. These are to be worked out in detail for an in-depth area. The results of the project are to be presented to the public in the context of the museum.


Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke, M.A. Philipp Hoß, M.Sc. Johann-Christian Hannemann

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