New Book: Learning from Duisburg Nord

Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur und industrielle Landschaft LAI (Hrsg.):
Technische Universität München 2009
ISBN 978-3-941370-07-4

Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park in Germany’s Ruhr district is an icon of the handling and reuse of post-industrial sites.The approach chosen and the principles applied in its design also influence the discipline of landscape architecture in other kinds of tasks. In almost all of the more than 25 statements by renowned landscape architecture experts from all over the world collected in this publication it becomes clear that many of the design principles applied in the Ruhr district number among the key principles in landscape architecture today. The authors are:

  • Thorbjörn Andersson, Stockholm
  • Maria Auböck und Janos Kárász, Vienna
  • Paolo Bürgi, Camorino
  • James Corner, New York
  • Jörg Dettmar, Darmstadt
  • Karl Ganser, Breitenthal
  • Christophe Girot, Zürich
  • Roland Günther, Oberhausen
  • Wolfgang Haber, Freising
  • Wolfram Höfer, Ruttgers
  • John Dixon Hunt, Philadelphia
  • Detlev Ipsen, Kassel
  • Regine Keller, München
  • Gabriele Kiefer, Berlin
  • Andreas Kipar, Milano
  • Niall G. Kirkwood, Harvard
  • Martin Prominski, Hannover
  • Sören Schöbel-Rutschmann, Freising
  • Hille von Seggern, Hamburg
  • Marc Treib, Berkeley
  • Tseng Tse-Fong, Kaohsiung
  • Gilles Vexlard, Paris
  • Udo Weilacher, Freising
  • Christian Werthmann, Harvard
  • Martin Weyl, Jerusalem
  • Kongjian Yu, Peking

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see also: Syntax of Landscape. The Landscape Architecture by peter Latz and Partners. Birkhauer Publisher. Basel Berlin Boston 2008. (online version!)