Design Workshop "Living with urban soil"
Master Wahlpflichtmodul WiSe 2023/2024, 6 ECTS

Within the framework of the TUM Global Visiting Professor Program and as part of the research project NEW WAYS OF BUILDING - JAPAN
Prof. Fuminori Nousaku of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan has been invited to teach at TUM School of Engingeering and Design. 

The Design Workshop "Living with urban soil" will take place from 19.10.-31.10.2023 in room 3120 of the LSA.
Class hours: 2pm-6pm, language: english, 21/22.10.2023 Exhibition visit "The Great Repair", Akademie der Künste Berlin, more information

Introduction: Thursday, 19.10.2023 at 2pm, 3120 LSA

Please note that the course is already full, registration is no longer possible.


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