Lecture Series 1: Urban and Landscape Transformation

urban and landscape transformation of Munich:
reflecting theoretical positions on case studies

The topic area Urban and Landscape Transformation investigates complex and networked urban landscapes and systems in times of global transformation. Urban hinterlands are reservoirs or vital resources that have increasingly become exposed to global ecological, economic and social challenges and have become the focus of environmental and sustainability debates. Whilst global transformation processes are difficult to influence let alone control with the classic tools of the designer, architecture, urban design and landscape architecture do offer a repertoire of possibilities to integrate complex spatial, aesthetic, social, cultural, ecological and sustainable qualities into contemporary living environments. The lecture shows examples of projects and approaches from TUM, on how to conceptualise and strengthen such urban and landscape transformation areas.

Learning Targets
After attending the lecture and completing two elaborations (graphic compositions), the students are able to recognize and understand current patterns of transformation of contemporary urban and suburban landscapes including connections between ecological, socio-cultural and economic factors. Based on the presentation of examples, students can reflect and understand basic ideas and approaches for strengthening these and transforming them into sustainable urban landscapes.

The students are to develop compositions for two of the scheduled sessions (short drafts, graphic analysis, reflective presentation). This will require students to investigate and discuss the presented topics within the particular context of the city of Munich. More information on Moodle. 

winter semester 2023/24

Mondays, 11.30–13.00, Vorhoelzer Forum 

Prof. Dr. Sören Schöbel-Rutschmann
Professorship of Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space

Analyzing spatial qualities of temporal installations in public space
Gero Engeser, M.A.
Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space

Facing the City
Prof. Stephen Bates
Professorship of Urbanism and Housing

20.11.2023 (not in Vorhoelzer Forum but in Herbert-Kupfer-Saal)
Transforming Streets
Prof. Dr. Benedikt Boucsein
Professorship of Urban Design

Transit-Oriented Development: Munich S-Bahn
Dr. Fabian Wenner
Chair of Urban Development

Let's make the Sustainable City
Prof. Mark Michaeli
Chair of Sustainable Urbanism

Big Forms
Prof. Bruno Krucker
Professorship of Urbanism and Housing

Textures of Landscape and Urban Development: Collage City and beyond
Julian Schäfer, M.A.
Professorship of Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space